A story with small beginnings

Patterned Fabrics

Here at Brooksies we focus on creating quality sustainable goods for littles and ladies. We put a massive emphasis on functionality and practicality. We are all about the quality stuff that makes your day to day that much easier.

The essence of Brooksies has been around since early 2017 as I sewed up a storm for our first little darling, unable to find what I was looking for on the shelves of our local baby store. It grew as I began sewing for other Mammas in our antenatal group, and by September it had become a budding little business that filled up most nap times.

Fast forward to 2020, and things are a lot busier! Sewing fills up most of my days (and nights!) Most weekends are spent at the market and we couldn't be more thankful for your continued support and encouragement.

By supporting us you are supporting handmade. You are supporting a mother who juggles work and little ones at home. You are supporting a small business and every order you place makes a HUGE difference to us.