How can I know your nappies are made ethically and that I am not supporting slave labour?

We did extensive research and on many many manufacturers before we found our current supplier. They treat their staff with respect and have an excellent work environment. They are well established in the Baby Manufacturing inductry and they create products of superior quality. They have passed the SMETA and Walmart Audits.

What does the Walmart Audit involve?

Walmart’s expectation of compliance with our Standards for Suppliers extends throughout the supply chain. They use third-party social, safety and environmental compliance audits to help evaluate suppliers’ overall compliance and to manage risk in the supply chain. These audits seek to monitor whether, among other things, workers are properly paid for the work they do, labor is voluntary, workers are not being exploited, facilities comply with employment age laws and standards, working hours are not excessive and are consistent with local laws and standards, and facilities meet health and safety laws and regulations.

What does the SMETA involve?

SMETA stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world. It combines the best practices in the field of corporate social responsibility. The concept describes a methodology based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. Audits in the SMETA format focus as much on labor conditions and occupational safety as on environmental standards and ethical business practices. The latest version debuted in April 2017, with SMETA 6.0 becoming the standard implementation as of June 2017. The basic structure and fundamental principles remain unchanged, but now the audit incorporates issues such as temporary work and human rights.