"The lovely lady over at Brooksies has single handedly restored my faith in cloth nappies! I've tried a few other brands with my 3 month old son from about 6 weeks of age and although I started off well I was just getting so frustrated with leaks. I felt like I had tried everything; boosters, different inserts, frequent changes, adjusting the fit and was about ready to give up. I looked forward to weekends when I didn't feel so bad about using disposables but now I always reach for a Brooksies cover first, without a thought, even on weekends! The fit of these nappies is just superb and I love that the covers can be wiped and reused multiple times and that I don't have to worry about stuffing. The PUL is such excellent quality and the prints are gorgeous. Paired with Brooksies inserts you've got an absolutely winning combo but the great thing about these covers is that you can use them with any inserts you already own. If you're considering giving cloth nappies a go I would absolutely recommend investing in these wonderful covers. Support a beautiful mama and her beautiful mission."

- Sarah D | New Zealand

verified customer + new mum

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"My whole way of cloth nappying has changed since I got your preflats. I just prefer them so much!"

- Lauren P | Australia

verified customer + cloth enthusiast

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"I love my Brooksies Covers. Haven't touched any of my old covers except to remove them from my stash to sell. Brooksies covers look cute and are definitely the real deal."

- Amberley B | New Zealand

verified customer + cloth nappy veteran

"This is the nappy system I wanted from the start. I remember my mum using covers on my younger siblings and they seemed so much easier than the modern stuffing ones and less washing! I think I may have to sell my old collection."

- Sariah W | New Zealand

verified customer + Brooksies convert

"These Covers are so good! Love the fit and the elastic at the front."

- Tracey K | New Zealand

verified customer

+ cloth mamma of two

"Really good quality Covers. I can see that they have been well made."

- Kylie S | New Zealand

verified customer + cloth lover

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